If you are interested in adoption, I would love to answer any questions you have! I believe that adoption is what we have been called by God to do! We are all adopted sons and daughters of the Lord. . .He gave us that example that we are to follow! I do not believe that every family is called to adopt, but I do believe that every family is called to help with adoptions in different ways.

The first time they put Gabby into my arms (in the airport just as I arrived Rwanda).
The first time Tiki jumped into my arms (just hours after I arrived Rwanda).

Below are some frequently asked questions that I will answer for everyone (and I'll update these questions as I get more).

What agency do you recommend?

There are MANY fantastic adoption agencies out there! (There are also many who are not ethical.) I would recommend America World Adoption Agency ( They are great to work with and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about America World!

International verses domestic adoption?

This is totally your call. Everyone will feel called to a certain place. There is a HUGE need in the United States! Many children need to be fostered and many children need to be adopted and if you feel called to get involved with US adoptions, I highly recommend that! If you feel called to another country, pray about it and then go for it!!!

Which country should I adopt from?

You need to do some research! Many countries have many different requirements and waiting times and travel times. All of these things will affect your decision. I would just say that you should pick a country that you can tell your child great things about and pick a country you want to be involved in for a very long time!

Adoption is expensive. Can I afford it?
Yes! Adoption is expensive! But if you are called to adopt, then you will be able to afford it! God will work out the details if you are following His calling! There are many fund raising ideas and many different grant agencies out there. We used Show Hope ( and we love them! There are thousands of places out there, though! Do your research and read other adoption blogs and see how other people have figured out the money part!

What advice would I give you?
There is so much I could say. First of all, if you feel the tug, then stop asking questions and DO IT! People think and think and think about adopting but often don't give a second thought to getting pregnant. Its the same. . .you're growing your family! Just do it! The other advice I have (once you start the process) is to not put any time line expectations on the process. Your heart will get broken if you do. Be patient!