About Me

What about me do you want to know, I wonder as I am creating this "about me" page. Braner Party of 7 consists of me (Jamie Jo Braner), my husband, Andy and my five kids: Hays, Maggie, Tiki, Dax and Gabby.

I was born and raised in Branson, Missouri and then left for four years to attend Baylor University. I majored in Secondary Education (English), but honestly went to Baylor just to meet my husband. . .and I did!

Andy and I were married the day after graduation in May of 1997 (I begged him for more than two years to marry me earlier, but he refused until we graduated). A week after our honeymoon, we headed to Colorado to spend the summer in tents with 24 teenagers for nine days at a time. YIKES! Once that summer was over, we moved back to Branson where we lived for twelve years.

Andy and I have been running an outdoor adventure camp in Colorado each summer and we love it. We moved to Durango in 2009 so that we could stop the summer commute from Missouri. And moving to Colorado has been the best thing ever! We LOVE being a "local" in a ski resort town!

We have five children. Hays (14), Maggie (11), Tiki (9), Dax (8) and Gabby (5). After having three children biologically, we started the adoption process (Fall 2005). We decided to adopt from China and we have been waiting for that child ever since (yes, you read that right. . .we are still waiting). In the mean time, we were asked to be the "pilot family" for Rwanda and in 2007 we brought Gabby home. Then, in 2009, we brought Tiki home from Rwanda as a six year old. Our family is a family. That is the bottom line. We love, we laugh, we fight, we get our feelings hurt and we stand up for one another. Blood doesn't matter because that isn't what makes us family!

As for me. . . .I love animals (would really like to actually be Dr. Doolittle). I love to write fiction (I have started several books that will NEVER get finished). I love romantic comedies. I think family is the most important thing . . .REGARDLESS. I dream of living in a foreign country. I snowboard because my kids love it. My mid-life-crisis-car will be a Jeep Wrangler. I like puzzles. . .not the kind you do on a snow day on the dining room table, but mind puzzles like scheduling a camp of 200 teenagers or any other "problem" like that!

One of my favorite quotes is "grow old along with me, the best is yet to be" and it is my favorite because I believe it!

I love M&Ms (maybe because you have to in order to be human. . .green are the best), bite sized Butterfingers, Peter Pan peanut butter (extra crunchy), romantic comedies, People Magazine (guilty pleasure), Modern Family, Off The Map, reading in a hammock, sleeping in a hammock on the beach (okay, that has only happened once, but I loved it), reading by a pool that is by the ocean (I don't especially like sand all over me, but I love the sound of the waves and the breeze), lying down to go to sleep and many other things!