Monday, November 14, 2016

An Open Letter To The President Elect

Dear President Elect Trump,

I'm not political and I have no desire to be.  I'm an American; however, and I am thankful to be.

I have a couple of dear friends who know you personally.  They have described to me a gentleman who is kind and gracious and genuine.  They have described how comfortable they felt around you both in public and in private.  These women have described you to me as the kind of man you would hope for your kids to have as a grandpa (that is a big one for me since I have five kids).  The man they know you to be is respectable and good humored and caring.  They are thankful to know you and I am thankful for them that they can say they know such a man.

The man I have seen on TV is so different from the true man they know.  I understand that the media can tangle words and misrepresent people to make them out to be anything they want that person to be.  I am very aware at the media's tendency (obsession?) with creating false images of a person.  I'm not naive in that.  But, I have heard your words as they have come out of your own mouth with my own ears.

I don't know the man my friends describe to me, but I do personally know enough famous people to know that they aren't always what they seem to be from the media's perspective.  So, even though I have heard the hate that has spewed from your mouth, I want to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe you to be the man my friends who know you personally say you are.  And that is the man I am appealing to in this letter.

Mr. Trump, as I'm sure you are aware, the dark spirit of hate has been unleashed in this country.  Somehow, your election has given permission for people to spew forth their hate across America.  Hate that had been hidden in many hearts and hate that was dormant has been given a violent and disgusting rebirth that has me baffled.  Somehow, with your election, people feel like they can celebrate how much better they are than their neighbor and somehow, with your election, people feel like they have the right to spill out their hate on to their neighbor.  I don't want to lay the blame directly at your feet, but those in power are given great responsibility and your words during the election told people that hate is okay and your words have been exponentialized into vulgar and violent and hateful actions against neighbors; against innocent Americans who happen to look differently than their neighbors.

I'm appealing to you--to the man my friends have described--to stand up and speak.  You seem (from an outsider's point of view) to love to be in front of the camera talking.  Where are you now?  This is your time to be great!  This is your time to lead.  You aren't our president yet, but you have the most unbelievable opportunity to walk out of your home and speak.  I am in awe of the platform you could have right now to speak to America (to the world) and speak a message of love.  Everyone is listening to you and this is your golden opportunity to make history!  You truly can make America great again because it was great before the hate-filled elections began less than a year ago.  Today it is not great because Americans are being persecuted as a result of the permission you are giving these people to hate not only by the words you've been saying for the past year, but because of your amplified silence now.  Be great!  My friends think you are and I believe you can be.  It's time!  Walk outside, hijack some air time and be great!  Be a true leader.  Stand for something great.  Where are you and why are you staying silent while America is falling apart because of hate?

Where are you?  Why are you condoning all the hate with your silence?  Why are you aligning yourself with the hateful by your sudden escape from the spotlight?  How can you not see this time as your time shine, to lead, to inspire?  I feel like this hate-filled time is giving you the most amazing opportunity to stand up and be the man my friends describe you to be.  I am urging you (or begging you) to grab a microphone and LEAD THIS COUNTRY NOW!  THIS IS YOUR TIME!  Be great for this great nation!

Mr. Trump, walk outside and tell America that love is the answer.  We are a diverse nation founded by immigrants in a foreign land to be a nation of brotherly love.  The only way this country is going to be great is if we love our neighbor.  That is THE ONLY WAY.  Why are you remaining silent now when you have been so loud for so long?  


mentorman said...

Thank you, Jamie Jo! Right with you, and your whole clan, with every word you have written. Love and prayers accompany my pushing the "send button!"

Pat Major said...

I like the balance I think I hear between the lines...that there is hope. But I seem to hear it's all on Mr President-elect to solve the division (maybe even stop the revolting demonstrators.) However he is not president yet--one at a time. I would call on Barack H. Obama to speak for responsible action, rather than justifying or excusing protesters. I would call on the Main Stream Media (radio/TV/print) to admit their share of "mis-speaking" facts, figures, and responsibility for enciting fear and over-reaction-- as much as they disparaged Mr Trump for not automatically accepting a theoretical HRC win. Why is it not "also wrong" now???!! There will be time sooner... for the new president to lead...!