Sunday, April 5, 2015


Empty.  I've been thinking about that word a lot today.  It is typically such a negative term that carries such a deep and heavy meaning.  When someone feels empty inside it is said or thought with such deep and hurting emotion.  When your mailbox is empty and you checked it with such great anticipation.  When a fisherman goes out and comes back empty.  There are zillions of ways that empty is used and I'm feel like most of them are negative.  Empty means containing nothing and if you are expecting it to contain something, then that nothing is dark and hopeless.

However, today, Easter, empty is a word that brings such humbling joy.  When I just sit back and think of what my Savior did for me, it literally takes my breath away!  On Friday, He went to the cross and bore MY sin knowing full well that I wouldn't be always grateful or always aware and knowing full well that I wouldn't fully turn from my sins at all times.  That is humbling.  Then on Saturday, while His body was in the tomb, those who knew Him and loved Him, mourned the loss they had endured--they seemed to almost mourn faithlessly.  Then today, on Sunday, the tomb was EMPTY.

At first, that empty was also a negative thing.  The questions and the concern and the sadness that only deepened.  But ultimately, that empty was a prophesy fulfilled.  It was a sign revealed.  It was the hope of what is to come.  My Savior died.  Everyone dies.  But He rose again and not only that, but He is coming back to take me home!

Empty isn't a negative word today.  That tomb is empty and I am so unexplainably grateful that it is.  HE IS RISEN!

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