Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Two Years Ago

So, two years ago yesterday I had decided that I'd had enough.  I was so tired of being shocked every time I saw a picture of myself and wondering if I was really that fat.  I was overweight and I felt awful both physically and emotionally.  I also felt hopeless because I had tried so many "diets" that worked wonders and then the minute I stopped "dieting" I would gain all of that weight back and then some.

So, two years ago I happened upon the Facebook page of a person I knew in college and I saw her before and after pictures--I'd never seen the before and after pictures of someone I actually knew.  It was amazing.  So, I asked her to call me and the rest is history!

I just wanted to loose weight.  I didn't realize all of the other things I had to gain--a good night's sleep (every night), a week (now two years) without a migraine, a month without an overran cyst rupturing, a day without my tummy hurting, an afternoon (especially between 3 and 5) without my kids driving me batty, a week where I felt awesome doing everything I have to do (laundry, dishes, work, school, mommy-ing and everything), and the one thing I never ever expected, a month where cash wasn't so tight.  I lost 40 pounds and gained so much more than I could have ever imagined!

After loosing the initial weight, my husband and kids started on the products.  We have been so healthy ever since.  Andy's mood is so much better (like mine, too), the kids are healthy and happy, we are finding tools to use for Tiki instead of expensive prescriptions.  And my kids are seeing me work hard for a business that is both helping others and giving us great paychecks and fun trips.  My kids are ALL IN.  They check on my progress all of the time and the root me on as I set new goals and reach them.  It has been so fun to make this company a true part of our lives from our multivitamin routine each morning to our play money (and living money often) each month!

Two years ago I made a decision for very selfish reasons and now, two years later, that one selfish decision is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself, for my marriage, for my kids--for my family!  I'm so thankful I said YES when I was given the opportunity!

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