Saturday, February 28, 2015

Belated New Puppy

So, as most of you know, Andy isn't a huge fan of my pets.  He just isn't a pet guy.  And I love animals!  (Great combo!)  But he has talked about wanting a French Bulldog for several years.  So, I've been secretly looking for a French Bulldog for Andy.  And I found one!  I was so nervous to get him, but I was so excited, too!

It was great timing in terms of being the perfect Valentine's Day gift.  So, I did it!  The puppy came home with us.  Andy came home two days later and I presented him his Valentine's Day gift and he was so excited.

Why the name?  Well, Andy put out in the twitter-verse and Instragram world that we had a new puppy and overwhelming people suggested the name Brad Ray.  What?  Yep.  Brad Ray is one of our old staff guys and he is a legend.  We love him.  So, we named the dog BradRay (one word--say it quickly together).  The name is hysterical because everyone knows there must be a story behind it.

He's a fun puppy and we all love him very much!
BradyRay's first picture.

His ears finally stood up.

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