Saturday, February 28, 2015

Belated Marriage Get Away

Fourteen months ago Andy and I decided that we need to set aside a week each year for US.  We are both so busy and we have so many plates spinning that we are ships (speed boats) passing in the night so often.  So, we committed to a week away each year and then we waited.  The time came this year and it was inconvenient, we had too much going on, but we were committed.
Oh my goodness.  It was the best week we have had--maybe ever!  I didn't realize how badly we needed to be away without the kids and just with us.  (We had friends with us for part of the time, too, and that was so healthy for laughing and talking and being grown ups.)  But just being together with my man was a dream come true.

I think we both reminded each other of how much fun we both can be.  We laughed and we dreamed and we relaxed.  It was perfect!  His idea of a fun vacation is golf and surfing, my idea is reading a book by the pool.  We got to do both!  He had guy friends to play with and then we came together and just relaxed and laughed.  We put our own needs on the back burner and just enjoyed one another.

I cannot wait until next year!  And, the best part, is that we both came home--I mean those fun and loving people both came home.  It was a great reboot for us and I love that we are still running well.

I love him so much and that trip reminded me of that.  He and I have had so much fun since we've been home.  I think the trip was a good reminder so now we remember how to have fun together.  It has been a rough last five or six years, but I am so full of hope and love now and I highly recommend getting away with your man!

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