Saturday, January 31, 2015


I'm doing a pretty pathetic job of staying up to date on my blog in 2015.  Maybe when grad school is over I'll be better at it again!  Oops!

This blog is about Braner x-rays this week.

Dax broke his collar bone this week.  He was at snowboarding practice and fell off a box and snapped his collar bone in two.  Of course, I was out of town--I was out of town when Hays crashed in 2011 and out of town this time.
Maggie got braces.  She was so excited to get them (more excited to get them so she could get them off before Senior Pictures).  Once they got on, I think she was much less excited.  The x-ray revealed that the orthodontist has lots of work to do, so we're glad we got started!

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