Wednesday, January 21, 2015

THIS Is What It Is All About

So, as most of you know, I work for 2 different companies.  I work for KIVU, the company my husband and I started and I sell health and wellness products.

These past two weeks have been BLARING examples (like a really loud stereo system) of how important it is to work for companies who CARE and selflessly put their team (family) first.

Of course, I believe in KIVU and what it stands for.  (I better.)  These past few weeks I have watch the KIVU family pull tougher (again) as two of our past staff struggle in their marriage.  I have watched guys hop on planes and get there to support them.  I have watched Skype video chats happen and heard the text message beep go off at all hours.  I have been blown away (again) by the family that KIVU is and how important that is--so much more important than rafting and mountain biking.  I am so thankful for this company and the family that we are.

And at the exact same time, I have been blown away by this health and wellness company--maybe even more blown away because it is a big "corporate" company that could easily be faceless.  I always tell people that we are like family and I have seen that more than ever these past two weeks.  Freddy is one of my up-up-up lines and his 16 year old son had a brain aneurism two weeks ago and I have watched as this company has come together faithful praying diligently for healing.  It has knocked my socks off.  And then to see the people flying to Illinois from all over the country to pour out their love on Freddy's family has been amazing.  I'm humbled and I'm not even the recipient.  The president of the company flew there.  That just doesn't happen in corporate America.

I'm blown away and I'm so thankful.  This is what is all about:  working for a company (companies) you believe in who truly become family.  A company (companies) where the family members will drop it all to come to your side literally, physically and on their knees.  I'm so thankful that I have KIVU and the KIVU family by my side and I am so thankful that I have X and the X family by my side.  There is safety and comfort in that!

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