Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hays & Erin

So, we began to notice Hays starting to dress nicer in November.  It was a great new look.  He headed to Denver for a big theater competition and he came home talking about this girl who was wonderful. In December, he and Erin had their first date.  Her dad met him for dinner before and I was immediately sold.  While we were in Cabo he was very anxious to buy the perfect Christmas gift for Erin and even more anxious to get home. . . .

A couple of weeks ago, he crawled in bed with me and we had a fantastic talk about what it means to be a boyfriend and to have a girlfriend.  I suggested that he call Erin's dad and ask his permission before he asked Erin to be his girlfriend and much to my surprise, he did it.  I was so impressed with him!  What an amazing young man he is turning into.  Well, her dad gave his blessing and Hays now has a girlfriend.

Now it was my turn to meet Erin.  She came over last Friday and I love her!  She is adorable and sweet and easy going.  She's great.  That night we had a triple date with her parents and she and Hays and Andy and me.  It had the potential to be extremely awkward (and I think Hays was sure it would be), but it was such a fun night.  We laughed so hard.  I love her parents!  I'm so excited for the friendships that came out of that dinner date!
Tonight Hays is at dinner and the Winter Formal with her!  (Formal is a VERY loose word in Durango--just had to throw that out there before you saw the pictures.)  I told Hays that I was sad I wouldn't be getting any pictures and he said that Erin's mom was meeting them for pictures.  I was uber jealous and invited myself to the photo shoot.  I'm SO GLAD I did!  Both of her parents were there.  Erin looked beautiful, Hays looked so handsome--they were adorable.  They are both so easy to be around and they tolerate their parents excitement.  They were great photo sports!  (THANK YOU!)
 I can't wait to hear how the dance went!

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