Monday, December 1, 2014

Birthday Twins

Two weekends ago I headed to Texas to surprise my two best friends from Baylor for their birthdays. I wasn't going until the last minute when Maggie convinced me that I had to get down there--40 is a big deal!  So, I hopped on a plane and headed to Austin.

Tiffany and Tracy are forever friends.  We met at Baylor and have been friends since--and it has been so fun to see how our friendship has grown and deepened since college!  They are two of the best!

Tiff's 40th was in Austin on Friday night and then we headed to Dallas (via Waco for a trip down memory lane) for Tracy's party on Saturday night.  It was great seeing old friends like Kristen and Melanie and Katy, too!!!
This is where Andy and I met!!  Old Testament class 1993.
Another bonus to the trip was that I got to see my dear friend, Kirsten, for a couple of hours!   I love her!!!

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