Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why Wouldn't I Share?

I am a great marketer.  I am!  I'll share a recipe I love the minute my kids say "this is awesome, Mom!"  I'll suggest that a friend should see a movie that I really enjoyed and even offer to tag along.  I'll suggest a lotion or a store or a vacation destination.  I don't think twice when I share things like that with people--friends or strangers actually!  I love to share with people.  (I was actually just offered a job at Bath & Body Works because I was helping some total stranger find the perfect scent and lotion because I love to share.)

I also love so many MLM's.  For example, one of my best friends is very in to make up and skin care (she's a professional make up artist) and I know that it is her passion and I believe that she has spent much time researching and testing different products and when she put her "stamp of approval" on a certain skin care line, I hopped on board.  Why wouldn't I?  For one, she is my friend and I feel like that's what friends should do (I'm loyal).  And secondly, she has spent time doing the research I would NEVER do, so why shouldn't I trust her and buy those products?  (I bought them and I love them by the way!)

For some reason; however, I am scared to death to promote my own company to friends, family and/or strangers.  Why will I promote a movie or a book or a store or a recipe or a lotion smell without a second thought, but I get so tongue tied when it comes to sharing about these health and wellness products I have fallen in love with and this company that has given me so much?  That is my own personal hang up and something I am working on.

I love (My) MLM because I can share with people these products that I love.  These products that have helped me and my family get our health under control.  Dax and I don't have migraines.  My kids haven't gotten the flu or a cold since we started.  Tiki is off his meds.  Maggie and Hays are seeing their hormones balance.  Andy has rediscovered his love of living healthy.  He and I together have lost more than 60 pounds.  Why wouldn't I want to share that with people?

I love (My) MLM because the company is so generous.  Camping isn't the highest paying profession out there and Durango isn't the cheapest city to live in and five kids are hungry all the time.  This company has given me the gift of financial security when we needed it.  Why wouldn't I want to share that with people?

I have gotten to go to Dallas and Sundance and I am headed to Cancun in January all on this company's dime.  And they invite me to bring my hubby WITH me--on their dime!  How many companies reward their employees with all expenses paid for trips and say, "oh, be sure and invite your best friend, too!"  Why wouldn't I want to share that with people?

I love (My) MLM because it is a company with integrity.  The reason I have (My) like this is because I cannot speak for all MLM's....especially with regards to this reason.  But this company wants what is best for its customers.  They are focused on health beyond quick weight loss. They are focused on a business opportunity for years to come not just the now.  They are focused on nutrition and reprograming one's body to work the way it is supposed to.  In LA where they invited all of their Directors and above, we stood as a group of executives and distributors and held hands and prayed that our motives would be pure, that we would share with people while building relationships.  Why wouldn't I want to share that with people?

I love (My) MLM because I have made forever friends.  In a place where I have struggled with loneliness, I have found a group of people who I love and laugh with.  I have found friends who I am thankful for each and every day.  Why wouldn't I want to share that with people?

So if I love (My) MLM so much.  If I love the products and the opportunity and the trips and the integrity and the friendships, why am I so scared to share with people?  Why am I my biggest enemy with sharing?  One of my business partners thanks me weekly because I have changed her life.  Why am I afraid to continue to share that?  Another one of my client's mothers sent me a four page hand written letter thanking me for changing her daughters life on multiple levels.  Why wouldn't I want to share that with people?

I know that I have a product and an opportunity that can help everyone!  I believe that everyone I know needs health.  That is a given.  But aside from that, every mom I know needs energy and often needs a little mood boosting.  I know that many people want the weight loss.  I know that so many people are struggling financially, or they have bigger bucket lists then their wallets can cover or they have debt that is drowning them.  So why wouldn't I share with people?

So, when I do decide to overcome my own personal fears and I contact you, please know that I am just sharing.  I'm just sharing about products I love.  I just want more for you.  More health or more time or more energy or more money....whatever, I just want to share with you the great opportunity I have found.  That's it.  My motives are pure (that is my daily prayer) and my desire truly is for YOU.  Yes, I make money off of my customers, but I believe with all my heart that what you can get out of this company is exponentially more than the check I will be getting in the mail (even though the company is so amazingly generous).  It truly is about you.  Know that.  Because why wouldn't I share that with you?

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