Monday, October 6, 2014

Who Wants A Time Share?

So, one of my best friends is trying to sell her time share.  It is at the Grand Mayan and they have these beautiful resorts all over Mexico.  It is a 5 star resort (I've been to two of them--it should be 6 stars) and I love it!

  • 3 floating weeks each year (not available on major international holidays)
  • 2/2 lock out which means:  grand master suite with occupancy for 8 in 2 king bedrooms with full baths and couches with a gourmet kitchen, dining room and living room (trundles that sleep 4 more) or 1 kind size bedroom with bathroom lock off.
  • it sleeps up to 11 people
  • 14 years remaining
  • maintenance fee once every 5 years is $997
  • locations: Rivera Maya (Cancun), Cabo, Acapulco, Nuevo Vallarta, Mazatlan, Puerto Pensaco/Rocky Point and Puerto Vallarta
Similar time shares are selling online for up to $21,000 and they are just asking $12,000 (and are very willing to negotiate).  What does that mean?  That means that for $12,000 you get up to 3 weeks of vacation every year and you only pay $1,000 (less than) each year when you stay.  

This sleeps up to 11 people!  Oh my goodness!  That is less than $15 per person per night.  Get some friends together for a great 5 star vacation!  I'll go with you each year, we just can't buy the time share because we just bought one (unfortunately because I would MUCH RATHER have THIS one)!

Let me know if you're interested!

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