Saturday, October 4, 2014

Volleyball Champions!

Maggie's team won the championship today and she played like a rock star!  It was so much fun to watch!  She played so well, she knew what was going on on the court, she was a team leader.  It was awesome!  I loved seeing how excited she got with each point and then ultimately the tournament win!  (I cried.)

It was a crazy day of being a mom--Maggie had multiple volleyball games in Durango while Dax and Tiki had a football game in New Mexico.  Maggie's team wasn't expected to go very far, so I didn't make plans for the football game.  When it started looking like they were going to win I had to become a total spaz.  I hopped in the car, drove Dax & Tiki to New Mexico, begged the coaches to bring them home and then peeled out on my way back to Colorado.  (It was a miracle they made it home--actually Dax isn't even back yet.)

But volleyball was awesome!!!!
I love how excited she gets!
Poor Gabby hopping in the car back and forth across state lines all day!  What a trooper!

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