Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mickey & Friends

Last weekend I got to spend a super weekend in LA with my new Xyng Friends.  It was a great three days!  We were in training for the majority of the time and I learned so much.
My very favorite part about the weekend was on Saturday morning when I walked into the green room and the entire executive team was circled up holding hands and praying.  That blew me away.  I knew that I loved this company (and the products), but the face that our executives were praying before the training floored me.  But it only got better from there!  During the training at one point we all stood up and held hands at first just to show that we are all a part of one vision and one goal.  Then one of the members read an amazing quote from his quiet time that morning and it was followed by one of the highest earners in the company praying that as we were all learning these new training methods that we would retain all the things we needed to and that our motives would be pure.  Wow!  I don't care what anyone says about multi level marketing because it doesn't matter for me and this company specifically.  It is made up of hard working people who love the Lord and just want to help others!  That's the bottom line and I feel so blessed to have found this company!
The president of the company based our training on Biblical principles he found in the story of David & Goliath.  I thought that was going to be my highlight, but it was trumped by the prayer the next morning!
They also announced a new product (again) and I love it!!!
After the training, we headed to Disney for the afternoon and the company threw us a huge party at California Adventure that night complete with red carpet pictures with Mickey and Minnie.
My selfie with the president of the company and the company's top earner (she made $1,000,000 last year).
Pluto has always been my favorite!!!
On the way home, I got to spend the day (very unexpectedly) with Laci Friend who is the top earner in the company.  She is just a small town Kansas girl who loves the Lord and has big dreams (she calls them "God Dreams.")  We have so much in common and it was the perfect "cherry on top" to the weekend.  I am thankful to be able to call her my friend!

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