Friday, October 3, 2014

I Really Have Teenagers

I've had teenagers for more than three years now, but tonight it just hit me that I really have teenagers.  I'm sitting in a very quiet house that was not so quiet twenty minutes ago. . . .

Hays:  he is at the DHS Homecoming game.  He drove himself there and met his friends.  This is his first "night out" with his license and it was weird trying to think on my feet and navigate the evening before it unfolded.  Finding that balance between letting him know I care, reminding him about boundaries and acting trustingly nonchalant since it really isn't that big of a deal--just a football game, mom!  So, he's at the game with his friends and I'm hoping he chooses to come home before ten because I'm exhausted (I'll touch on why at the end).

Maggie: tomorrow is her end of the season volleyball tournament so tonight we had the entire team (sixteen girls) and their parents over for dinner.  It was so much fun to have my house full of people again.  I loved it.  I met some great moms and I it was fun having a house full of thirteen year old girls (has anyone ever written those words before?).

And now the house is quiet and it is so nice, but I'm sitting here alone realizing that I have teenagers. It is a little bit unbelievable to me.  And all day I've been bragging on them.  Andy is a camp with about twenty-five of our alumni guys staff this weekend and I just went on and on and on today about how proud I am of Hays and Maggie and what amazing people they are becoming.  I'm blessed!

So, this is off the teenage topic, but this morning. . . .

I got up at 4:45 because I heard something or some reason (I was getting up at 5:15 anyway to take BeBe (Andy's mom) to the airport.  When I woke up, there were BRIGHT lights streaming into my house.  Weird.  So I came down the stairs and realized that someone was in my drive way and they had their headlights on bright and their car was running.  Weird.  I walked outside (why?) to see what was going on and then decided to put shoes on first.  Then I walked out again (why?) and decided that if I was going to get kidnapped, I had better let BeBe know what was happening.  So, I went to tell her and she said that I was absolutely not going back out there and that I was going to call 911.  Probably smart, but I'm just not the 911 calling type.

Long story short, we called 911. BeBe thought she heard someone come in our house (we did see someone walking around in the yard), so the 911 operator told us to get all the kids and barricade ourselves in one room.  Oh. My. Goodness.  I obeyed--reluctantly.  Thirty-five minutes later, the police officers arrived with their assault riffles (in Durango?) and cleared the yard and the back and the house just in time for us to get out the door to the airport.  That was our morning.  What a crazy way to start a day!  (Did I mention that Andy is at camp with the guys?)

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