Friday, October 3, 2014

Girls Trip

A couple weeks ago was our 8th annual White Family Girls Trip that my mom takes her daughters and daughters-in-law on every Fall.  We went to Denver for a little sight seeing and a lot of shopping.  It was really fun!  We went to Pike's Peak (the top) and ate great food and opened AND closed Park Meadows Mall.  We laughed and talked and just had a nice relaxing time together!  We missed Missy, but she got to move in to her new home that weekend (way better)!!!
 Then my mom drove home with me to spend 36 hours with us.  It was so much fun!  The fall colors were amazing!  Hays got his license and she got to see Maggie play volleyball!  We also went house shopping (downtown Durango).  It was a jam packed 36 hours!

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Janet Gregston said...

Love you ladies. Each "one" dearly.
Pass my love and hugs along. ❤️��