Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fact or Fiction?

So, I was cruising Facebook just now (because I have a paper due and I am in no mood to write it) and I saw this picture on a friend's wall (thanks, Tiff).  The quote is by a friend from Baylor (okay, not a friend, but the brother of a friend--he would recognize me if he saw me, but he'd have no idea what my name is and out of context the same would apply in reverse probably).  He has a book coming out in a couple of weeks and I'm sure it will be great.

I'm not doing a book promo right now, I just want to write about this quote.  It's funny how hard it struck me when I read it.  It is so true so often--I'm not sure how Scott is meaning it, but for me it hit home that it is so much easier for me to believe the lies that I tell myself (thanks to how loudly the devil whispers into my ears) rather than the truth that I know to be true deep down somewhere hidden.  The lies about how I look and about how good of a mom or wife I am are the biggies I struggle with.  There are so many more daily (hourly) and for some reason I pick the easy road and just latch on to them.  Why do I believe the fiction in my head instead of the truths?

This morning Andy and I flew to Denver (and then on our separate ways) and he told me something nice about myself and I just laughed it off.  But he didn't let me.  He said, "why do you always do that?"  Why do I?  Why do I laugh off the compliments of a man who loves me?  Why can't I believe that they are true?

I don't know.  Like I said, this blog was unplanned. . .I was just putting off homework.  But then I stumbled across this quote and I had to write.  I know I'm not the only one affected by fiction over fact.  I really want to work on believing fact instead of fiction for the rest of this month and see where that takes me!  We'll see. . . . 

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R. Scott Gornto said...

Jamie Jo, enjoyed your blog post. It is so true that so many of us struggle with believing lies rather than truth. Congrats to you and Andy with your party of 7. I hope you guys are well. Scott