Sunday, September 14, 2014

Throw Back to Missouri

When I was playing catch up on my blog yesterday, I realized that I hadn't even posted about my trip back to Missouri.  I kind of think I didn't blog about it because it was very emotional for me being back for the first time since my Gran'ma died.
I got to spend time in my Gran'ma's home.  This may seem weird to many--it is where I stay when I go home, so that's why I was there.  It was so peaceful.  I loved begin there.  That wasn't the hard part.  I loved being at home in her home.  I loved being in my "safe" place and I realized during this visit what a safe place her home truly was for me.

Picking up my kids from camp was so great!  A month is a long time!
Cousins and third cousins!
 We had to say good-bye to Chaco.  That was a sad day.  He went to a much better place (truly he did, we didn't kill him and just tell the kids that).  He is on a bunch of land in Oklahoma where he is king of 100 goats and pigs.
And my dad made the cross country drive with us again this year.  It was fun to have him in Durango.  The kids loved the time they got to spend with him!
We got to spend the day with the Carpenter family.  They are wonderful!  Krickett (who is one of my new friends I'm so thankful for now) and her hubby wrote "The Vow" and it is their book (based on their real life) that inspired the movie.