Monday, September 29, 2014

My New Driver

Hays passed his driver's test with flying colors!  The drive check person (from the DMV--what is her title actually?) said that he was one of the best she has ever had!  I agree.  He really is a great driver.  I had none of those "on my goodness" feelings of fear mixed with anxiety when he drove away or when he drove Maggie to school the next day.  He's great!  I did, however, have some weird mommy feelings about my boy growing up and my entire world driving away in that FJ.  I'm just such a proud mommy!!!
I'm loving what a good brother he is being. . .and good son.  He is communicating well.  He is being thoughtful.  He is asking to help out.  He is willingly taking his siblings places.  I am so very proud of him and so very thankful for him.  For 16 years I thought my boy getting his license would be so freaky and it is just so normal.  I love him so much and he is turning into such an amazing young man and I love it--I love him!

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