Friday, August 22, 2014

This Fall. . .

This morning we rolled out of bed and headed to school to meet the teachers (the three littles).  School starts on Monday and I cannot believe that I will have a Sophomore, an 8th grader, two 4th graders and a 2nd grader.  Wow.  Each of these grades, for me, were very memorable.  When I was a Sophomore I got my license; as an 8th grader I "went out" with my first boy (what does that even mean) and got dumped by that same boy; 4th grade was wonderful with Mrs. Frazier and it was the first grade where I didn't feel like a little kid because she made us feel responsible and fun; and in 2nd grade I had Mrs. Orth and that is when I realized that I was smart and I really liked it!  So, here my kids go--their own adventures in the even grades.

I'm excited for what they get to bring to school with them this year.  I'm excited that when they have to do a writing exercise about "what I did this summer" it will be full of adventures and stories!  I hope they never loose Africa!

They are all involved in an activity this Fall and each one of them is passionate about his or her chosen sport.  That is really fun!  Hays is playing golf and getting better every day!  He had a personal best on the course and came home so proud of himself.  Maggie is playing volleyball and although she didn't make the A team with her best friend, she is still practicing hard every day and having a fantastic attitude and I admire her for that!  Tiki and Dax are playing football and it is hysterical!  I love seeing the BRANER boys on the field together!  They love football (except for the drills part according to Dax)!!  Gabby is taking tap again this year and she really has found her athletic passion.  It is so fun to watch her thrive!  She taps everywhere and she is excited for tap to start!  My car is full of backpacks and golf bags and volleyball bags and football bags and dance bags; cleats and athletic shoes and tap shoes; dreams and goals and laughter.  I'm lucky to get to be a mom to these five kids!

Andy has so many fun irons in the fire this year and I am so excited to watch him follow his dreams.  And he is being an amazing husband who is striving to understand all of my complexities and love be well.  I'm thankful! 

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