Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chore Chart Failure

I am a chore chart failure.  I really am.  Each year I come up with a great plan for chores.  I come up with a great reminder system and a great payment system and we're lucky if we make it until October until it all falls apart.

So this year I have another one in place.  Yea me!  We'll see.

My kids have "rent" chores.  These are daily chores they have to do and their payment is their room and board and insurance and such.  These are just chores they get to do as a member of the Braner Family.  Then they have new nightly chores that they will rotate throughout the week.  And they have a "big" chore they will do on the weekend.  These night and weekend chores are their "allowance" chores.

Where I struggle the most is the check and pay part (my chore).  My kids do pretty great with their chores, but I do pretty crummy with my chore (check and pay).  So, I'm going to work on that this year.  What is your system for paying your kids?  Hays is easy, I direct deposit into his account monthly.  I need to figure out how to pay the rest of kids without having to have cash on me at all times.

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