Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rwanda: Days 18, 19 & 20

I'm paying the price for not keeping up with my blog this week.  Is the price too many words?  No.  Too many pictures?  No.  The price is that I cannot write out the words eighteen, nineteen and twenty and have it fit on one line in the post title--so I had to decide if I was going to not spell them out and bug myself because all of my other posts have the numbers spelled out or spell them out to be consistent, but have it take two lines and bug me.  That seriously was a dilemma for me.  And I'm still not feeling 100% comfortable with the choice I've made.
The past three days have been super fun and super boring.  Classes are finally over for the residency portion of grad school.  The last couple days were excruciating in terms of staying engaged.  Twenty hours of class time for six classes all packed into two and a half weeks is a lot.  But I have had the best times these past few days with my cohort.  I am so thankful for the friendships I have made on this journey.

Tuesday night all of the second year students went out to dinner and we talked and laughed and it may have been the highlight of my time here.  It was so good to be with friends and to really feel community.
Today was our final day of class and we were all so slap happy (the picture says it all).  We are thankful to be finished.
And we--Braner Party of Seven minus One--are ready to head home.  The time here has been everything I hoped and more for us, but its time to be with Andy!  Yesterday I came home from class to the sweetest note from Hays.  In it he wrote, "Thank you so much for going out of your way to bring us on this trip. . . .  I've had so much fun. . . .  I can't put on paper how much fun I've had or how grateful I am that you brought us.  Thanks 1,000,000 times over!"  That says it all.  

Tomorrow we are going on safari and then we are heading home on Saturday. . . to arrive back into the States Sunday night.  We will have tales to tell for a long time!

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'becca nimrod said...

Traveling mercies. SO grateful you and your kiddos got the dreamed of, hoped for and prayer granted trip you have wanted. It's been a blast to watch it unfold!