Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rwanda: Day Thirteen

I am so happy to be in my bed tonight.  Oh my.  What a day!
We finished up Practical Financial Management and it was great.  I can't believe that I enjoyed my accounting class so much--I think I was just so ready to learn how to actually do accounting that it was refreshing for me.
After class, we ran to the dress shop to pick up the kids clothes.  They are SO CUTE!  I cannot wait to post pictures of them wearing them on Saturday night!

Then we hopped on a bus and headed three hours out of town to a tea plantation and factory.  Why did I think that a six hour bus trip after a half day of school was a great idea (especially when I have a paper due tomorrow and a new class starting)?  Mostly to get the kids out of the house and to give them more of Rwanda.  Let's go see the country.  This is our time to be here, so I am making us be here fully!  (And I'm exhausted because of it--in a great and complete way.)
So, the bus ride was long and so dusty that with windows closed we were covered in dust.  I'm not even kidding or exaggerating.  I have never been this dirty in my entire life.  I'll be washing dust out of my hair and clothes for months, I'm sure.  But the drive was gorgeous and the tea plantation was beautiful--up and up and up and up and up a hill.
They put us in "protective" gear so we didn't get the road dust on the tea, I guess and we got a tour of the plant.  The outfits were a combination of umpa-lumpa, gnome, weird 80s rapper and something else. . . . hysterical!  We learned how to make tea--I didn't realize that different kinds of tea (green, white, black, dark, light) came from the exact same leaf--just prepared a different way and harvested at different seasons.  The tour was a little long for us (we're more of a "skim tour" family), but in the end it was good.
Then they served us dinner and the kids played some tennis--it felt like we were back in time on some old British plantation.
Maggie "pinching" the volcano in the background.
My first-world selfie & iPad kids capturing the view. 
Then we headed home. . . back down the dusty road.  We got home and I realized that I had left my backpack (with my house keys) at the school, so I had to catch a moto to and fro while the kids set on the front porch in the dark--with our Rwandan dogs.

So, as I said before, I'm so thankful to be in my bed tonight after another great day in Rwanda!

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