Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rwanda: Day Fourteen

Today was fairly ordinary in terms of a school day--can you call a day where I am living in another country with my five kids and surrounded by dear friends ordinary?  Maybe not.  But it was a day filled mostly with class-Cross Cultural Skills & Understanding to be exact.  It could be a great class, but today I think the teacher may have even bored himself.  It has great potential and maybe tomorrow will be better.

I did have a good day laughing with my cohort, though.  I'm thankful for the people I am in classes with--on this journey with!

Meanwhile, my friend and classmate, Chantal, who lives in Kigali, arranged for Gabby to get her hair done.  So, she and Hays headed to a Rwandan woman's house for a day of braiding.  Adoptive moms, get this:  the style took about five hours and cost only $21 US.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  It is nearly worth the price of the plane ticket (not really, but on a braiding day I would said it would be).  It is beautiful and who can beat twenty-one dollars?!?!?
Hays was such a trooper.  I can't think of one nearly 16 year old boy who would have on his bucket list to take his little sister to a stranger's home in another country to watch her get her hair braided, but he got her there, braided and back.  I'm so thankful for the brother he is to her!

I took the other three kids out for lunch (a working lunch because we were given free time to finish an assignment.  And then tonight after class Hays played ultimate frisbee and came home at dark, Tiki curled up to watch a movie that he was excited about and I found myself in bed with Maggie, Gabby and Dax watching "We Bought A Zoo."  It was a good night.

Now we're off to bed.  Tomorrow is the 4th of July--Independence Day in the US and Liberation Day here in Rwanda!

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