Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rwanda: Day Fifteen

This day 15 post is being written on day 16 because apparently in Rwanda you have a data usage limit per day and I exceeded it last night by downloading a movie--didn't get to blog or do work or homework.  Interesting.  It did end up being a HUGE blessing, though, because I got my graduation speech for tonight written and that would not have happened had I not exceeded my Rwandan data limit!

Yesterday was a hysterical day of class and friendship.  It is good friends who make boring things tolerable!  I am thankful for my friends here at Eastern/Rwanda.

I also had some great moments with Hays yesterday.  Maggie took the littles to nap and he remained back at school and I am thankful for the times I got with only him during tea breaks.  I love my boy.

Last night we had an unofficial 4th of July party (laid back hang out time) at my house with many of the second year students.  I think it was nice for them to get out of the dorms and just relax in a home.  I absolutely LOVED having them over.  We just sat and talked and laughed and I really needed it.  I need that "peer" time, I needed conversation, I needed friendship.  I have really missed hanging out with friends in my home over the past five years and this year has been some great friend times because of our visitors and because of this time in Rwanda.  I'm thankful.  (Hashtag: thankful)  I love my friends here in the EU Rwanda community.

I miss Andy.  I do.  I'm having the best time here, but part of me is missing and it kind of feels weird to be having such a great time with friends and with my kids and not to have Andy as a part of it.  That kind of makes me sad.  But mostly, I just miss my man.  I miss my friend.  I miss my confidant.  I miss him!

So, today is a new day and tonight is our fake graduation (graduation).  There will be pictures in my Day 16 post.

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