Monday, July 28, 2014

My Personal X Factor

I just returned from Vegas where I got to dive into new information about these health and wellness products I am using and sharing.  It was a super weekend with fun friends, great information and the tools to make my dreams come true.  I really want to share with you all!

1.  The company.  It is amazing!  The priorities are right on target.  God first.  Family second.  And so on.  The people are amazing.  They are genuine.  I was blown away by the people from corporate I got to meet and the executives I got to know.  I love this company!

2.  The products.  I already know that I love the products.  My life is completely different because of them and my family is on a path to health that I could not have gotten them on before.  (I'll post my story at the end of this post in case anyone doesn't know it.)  This weekend they introduced a new product for rest, relaxation, calming, anti-anxiety, insomnia and more.  I've tried it and I love it, too!

3.  The friendships.  I have made the best friends working for this company.  I think that is what made this weekend so much fun.  I get to work with people who have become some of my best friend.  I get to work with them and travel to exotic places with them.  So fun!

4.  The compensation.  This company has the best compensation plan I've seen.  They are so generous with compensation, with bonuses, with super trips and rewards and with fun cash prizes at their conventions!
This is the President, Mark Walker, congratulating me for how hard I've worked!
A little bit of my story:
I’m so excited to share with everyone I know because I know personally that this works! My story in a nutshell: In three weeks I lost 24 pounds and 18 inches. My migraines are gone, my joints don’t hurt and I have unbelievable energy! (To date I’ve lost 40 pounds.) But my favorite part is how amazing my mood and overall outlook on life is! Indescribable!
Andy lost 11 pounds in the first 8 days. He is loving the products for his work outs and recovery.
Hays and Maggie are seeing great benefits in their puberty hormonal mood swings (they’re gone)!
Tiki has had the same success on several of these products for his ADD as he did with his prescription meds. And he is off his Adderall, too!
And the flu came knocking this year and was not invited to stay!!! These products are helping my family feel better and be healthier!
Another great benefit is that I have replaced my income from camp—and I did that in just three months of working the business. This compensation plan is the best I’ve seen!
This weekend the company introduced a new product for rest and relaxation that helps with anxiety and insomnia. I have tried it and I love it!!!
This video is about the products. The video focuses on weight loss, but it is SO MUCH MORE than weight loss. It is a true health and wellness lifestyle change!
How can I help you?!??!?!
Go to for more info or email me and I'd love to answer all of your questions!

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