Friday, June 20, 2014

The Journey

I (along with others) believe that life is a journey and not a destination. . .I believe that this trip is a part of the journey and will be a journey (an adventure) all to itself.  But, in terms of traveling to Rwanda, this post is about the journey.  (It was written from Newark and then from Brussles and then from our new home in Rwanda.)

We left our house at 4:00 this morning.  EARLY!  The morning started off bumpy.  We arrived to the airport early with our 9 tubs of flip flops and the gate agent about fell off her chair.  Then they couldn’t check us in because of computer problems and as we are rushing for the plane, TSA finds a knife in Tiki’s bag—he had stolen it from Hays and stashed it in the pocket of his backpack.  Oh my. 
The day has turned out better than it started and we are enjoying relaxing in Newark before we embark on our overseas flight.  My kids are fun to travel with and we are all so excited for our trip to Rwanda!  What an adventure we will have!
More to come as the days go by. . . .
The flight attendants were so impressed with how polite my brood was that they gave me a free bottle of sparkling wine.  Hysterical!
Brussels was relaxing and the kids enjoyed lounging in the club and then we were off to Kigali.  The flight was long but good.   We tried not to sleep in order to get to Rwandan time zone (9 hours ahead of Colorado), but that didn’t work out so well.  We napped and watched movies and had great food (two for two on great food on our international flights).
As we were landing in Rwanda, Tiki looked out of the window with this happy awe on his face—I can’t really explain it, but he just looked so genuinely excited with no anxiety anywhere on his features.  My heart felt so full at that moment—I knew that I am doing the right thing brining them here.
Immigration was uneventful and the officer kept calling Tiki and Gabby by their Rwandan names.  It was cute.  Customs was another story.  The nine crates of flip flops got us stopped and detained for nearly an hour.  I talked myself out of a huge fine (duty) and thankfully we were on our way.  We were picked up and taken to the home where we are staying—in true African style with all of our luggage piled up and us on top of one another.  It was dark by the time we were on the road, so the kids didn’t get to see much.
Tomorrow will be for exploring and getting our bearings.  There is excitement and anxiousness in the air.  Arriving in the dark I think made things weird.  I think the rising of the sun will bring beauty and color and I think that much of that will fade away.

We’re staying in the home of a Canadian pastor and it is perfect.  Neat and clean.  Hays has his own room, Tiki and Dax are sharing, Maggie and Gabby are sharing and I have a little twin room.  I can hear them giggling now and sounding more comfortable.  We have a day guard and a night guard as well as a cook and a lady that takes care of the house.  They also have a beautiful black lab and another mut.  We’re in good hands.

I am thrilled to be here—I wish it wasn’t for sitting in class, but if that is what it took to get me here for nearly a month with my kids, then so be it!  It will be worth ever second.  I’m on cloud nine!

I’ll post as I can. . . hoping to find an internet stick tomorrow so that I can get this blog up for those thinking and praying for us.  Much love from the Land of a Thousand Hills!


janet s. straus said...

Looking forward to more posts of your adventure!

Paula Forrest said...

Praying for you all; safety, fun, memories, reflection, LOVE!