Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rwanda: Day Two

Last night after I finished typing my blog we sat around the living room and played Mad Libs for nearly an hour.  It was hysterical.  I loved just laughing and being silly with my kids.  I wonder if that will be the highlight of my trip?
Today we headed to the college for orientation.  On the way up (we found a back was that is only about a half mile walk STRAIGHT UP HILL) and we were thankful for that.  There were hundreds of little kids on the back road--all shouting "MUZUNGU!!!"  It was adorable!  Three of them ran up to Hays and wrapped their arms around him--at his knee caps!  The little ones who couldn't say muzungu yet just kept shouting "ZUNGU! ZUNGU!"  Gabby said, "Aww, they're so cute!  That's why I want to bring one home!"  She has been talking about adopting again while we've been here and I think this morning sealed the deal for her in her mind!  All day long Dax kept asking to go back and play with the kids.  (We bought soccer balls tonight so that they could tomorrow.)
Our back road to the school. . . this picture doesn't do justice to the steep grade of the hill, though.
This is my shopping bag sitting outside of our home.  I love what it says because it is how I am feeling.  I absolutely love being here and having this opportunity and this adventure, but Andy is at home and I know I will eagerly return to him!
During orientation, the kids were great.  They had to sit in the room and be quiet as we learned all kinds of things.  (Gabby slept off her jet lag in one of the girls' dorms.)  I was so proud of them.  They played soccer and frisbee for a while outside during part of the day.  They were polite when meeting my classmates and very patient with the way the day played out.
Meanwhile, I loved seeing all of my old friends.  Last year we were all so shy and didn't know one another and we looked at the second year students and thought that we would never be as close and as comfortable as they were.  Well, we were wrong.  It was like seeing family I dearly love today.  I was so thankful to see everyone and to catch up and to just be together as a group.

Tonight the kids and I tried to head to town for dinner.  That didn't really work.  The part of Kigali where we are doesn't really have any restaurants for us to go to dinner.  We walked about half a mile down to the market to catch a cab or a bus or something and once we got there, through all of the hustle and bustle, we realized that we may never make it to the part of town we were headed because we only speak English--and if we did make it by some stretch of the imagination, we may never make it back.  So we headed home.  (Better luck next time.)  It was an adventure, though.

We came home to no electricity.  So Maggie and I cooked dinner (gas stove and the cook doesn't work on the weekends) by flash light and we ate by flashlight.  Now we are all sitting in the dark on our electronics zoning out from a big day of playing, being polite and TONS OF WALKING!  The kids have made me promise that Mad Libs will be a nightly activity!
So, that was day two.  It was a good one.  I'm so thankful to be here (have I mentioned that yet?)!!!

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