Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rwanda: Day Three

Today was a long day but really fun.  We had meetings most of the day and the kids were great just sitting through it all.
This is my cohort.  India, South Africa, Rwanda, the US and Kenya represented.
At one point they went outside to play frisbee and they attracted TONS of attention from the local school kids.  Before I knew it, the boys had an entire group of other boys playing with them and Gabby was being chased and pulled by a big group of curious girls.  I went outside to check on her (because she doesn't often like to be pulled and touched) and she was fine.  The girls could not understand how I am her mother.  They kept asking me how and pointing to their skin and her skin and my skin.  It was adorable!  The begged me to bring Maggie outside because they wanted to meet my Muzungu daughter and when she came outside they surrounded her asking her question after question.  Then they pulled her with them to their class.  It was just what I was wanting for my kids here in Rwanda!
The boys took my phone and returned it with these pictures on it!

This evening I had to run to town to get my Rwandan phones activated and the kids stayed behind to play ultimate frisbee with the other students.  I think they all had a blast.  I had a super time with my driver who does great work in Kigali.  I think I have found another partner organization for our Gap Year here in Kigali.  Who knew what a simple run to town would produce?

Tonight was the Welcome Dinner.  I loved being with my friends.  Today we were talking about this experience and I told them that I felt like I was with my family in this group.  I can't really describe it, but we have become a unique community--a family almost--and I didn't realize how much I loved them until we were all together.

At the dinner I sat by a friend from last year and a new friend who is doing amazing work in the most unstable part of the Congo with her husband.  Wow.
All of the students
We had two speakers tonight and each one spoke to me in a different way.  One man said, "when God gives you a vision, He gives you provision."  I know that, but it was so good to hear.  Another man (a teacher at EU who I respect immensely) said that this year, for him, has been the death of optimism and the birth of hope."  That really spoke to me as I haven't been able to fully explain all that has happened to my heart this year and that nailed it.  I feel like this year, mostly with my Gran'ma dying mixed with a few other things, that the optimist in me also died.  But out of the ashes of my lost optimism came the new beginnings of true hope rooted in God and what He has in store for me.  This professor said, "hope is rooted in a profound belief in what God can do."  The third speaker said that often we feel like we are on one of those rides at Disney where we are "driving" and we think we're in control, but really we are on a track and God is driving our car where He has already planned for it to go.  What I thought was going to be just a dinner turned into an amazing night of fellowship and ministry (ministry to my soul).

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