Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rwanda: Day Six

Today.  Today was good.
My advocacy class finished up and I am thankful for the mental break.  Tomorrow starts Marketing with the same teacher which is great because she is a wonderful teacher, but my mind will be fried again!

The kids got measured for traditional Rwandan clothes today.  The school where I am studying has many programs to teach people skills and one of them is a sewing department.  So we all went there and they got measured and picked out their fabric.  On Friday we will pick up the clothes!
Then we headed to Home of Hope.  Emotions overtook me on the road there that I wasn't expecting.  As we pulled up to the gates I just started crying. . . I'm not 100% sure what emotions were flowing out of my tear ducts, but there they were.
The nun who greeted us was very nice, Sister Elena.  She was much nicer than the nun who was there when I picked Tiki up.  She was overcome by the flip flop story and just kept smiling.  She took us around the orphanage and we got to see the kids and Tiki got to see his last "home."  One girl there said she remembered Jean de Dieu, but Tiki did not remember her.  As we were leaving, Sister Elena told me that they had been running short on shoes and that Tiki's gift was an answer to prayer.  (She was very overwhelmed by the nearly 600 pair, though!)
Tiki didn't have much of a response to the orphanage.  He said it was cleaner than he remembers, he was happy to have gotten to visit and that he liked the babies.  No real deep feelings or thoughts.  It was kind of anti-climatic, but I guess that is a better alternative to me having to mop up a bunch of emotions that had been locked away for five years.  (?)  Overall, he is happy about the visit and I'm so thankful I made it happen!

From the orphanage we walked up to a great coffee shop, Bourbon.  We had a nice meal and then headed home.  Now we are all relaxing for the afternoon.
A brand of coffee sold at Bourbon.

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