Friday, June 20, 2014

Rwanda: Day One

Today was great!  I am so happy to be here. . . so happy & so thankful!

We relaxed until around ten and then I made a shopping list with our cook for the market.  She headed to the market and while we out. . . (I'll write about that in a minute).

Around noon we headed up to my school to get a feel for where it is in relation to our home.  It is about half a mile UP a BIG hill. . .coming home will be nice!  The school is nice--much nicer than it was in Uganda last summer.  We ran into three of my friends from last year and we all headed to town.  We were quite the spectacle our big group walking down the street.  We got so many stares--maybe because we are muzungu (white people), maybe because we were muzungu with little Rwandan kids, maybe because Gabby has braids and NO Rwandan little girls have braids. . .who knows, but we were the spectacle!
My friends from last year, Lauren & Shelley.  They live in Kenya and are in my classes.  They are so much fun and my kids LOVE them!
The highlight of the day may have been the Fanta. That sounds weird, but it has special meaning to Tiki and it was refreshing after walking for so long.

Gabby stared down every single woman that she saw.  She was looking for her mom.  (We didn't find her.)  I think after about an hour or two she stopped intentionally looking for her.  Tiki was so happy to be with so many other black people (his words).  That is what he wrote about first in his journal this evening.

Jet lag was killing a few of them today so we headed home to nap for a little bit.  Hopefully we can get over the jet lag tomorrow.

We came home to FOOD!  Our wonderful cook made us (from scratch) three loaves of whole wheat bread, tortillas, guacamole and salsa, snicker doodles and pizza.  The house smelled amazing and it tasted wonderful!  I think the kids are going to want me to actually start cooking (not just heating) dinner when we get home.  That was a new highlight--Fanta has nothing on our cook!

As I'm typing, the kids are outside IN THE DARK playing soccer with Patrice, our guard.  They're having so much fun.  Gabby is feeling left out for some reason and I just heard her try and entice someone to quit the game to play ping pong with her and her argument was that she is the best ping pong player ever (false).  So funny.  Dax says that Patrice "is the boss" with regards to soccer.

I am just so thankful.  This program is usually in Uganda and they decided this year to move to Rwanda.  Thankful.  I got the opportunity to bring my kids with me--how and why would I ever be able to be in Rwanda with them for a month?  Thankful.  This house we are renting is owned by a wonderful Christian family from Canada and they were needing to rent the home while they are back in Canada.  It is only half a mile from the school and they have a cook, a maid and a night guard.  Thankful.  The house is perfect for us with the exact number of places to lay our heads and a big labrador we love.  Thankful.  I am so thankful.  I can't fully describe my feelings of gratitude because I am so overwhelmed by them.  I am blessed and I am thankful.

Today was just the beginning.  I cannot wait for the adventures tomorrow holds!

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