Monday, June 30, 2014

Rwanda: Day Eleven

Today started out with a great worship service in our cafeteria.  It was so humbling to hear the staff of the college lead us in sincere worship as they are mourning the loss of their father, their leader, their mentor, their pastor.  I was in tears as I thought about different lives I know that have been well lived just as the pastor's had been.  The students and staff of the college are being such lights for all of us as they continue to serve us admits their mourning.  I am humbled beyond words.

Hays headed to class today--he got to sit in on the Disaster Relief and Mitigation class.  What an experience!  He was surrounded by people who do that for a living and I'm sure he will take something away from it even though now he is just overwhelmed.  I'm thankful that he is getting these experiences because I feel like it will expand his option horizon.  The world is so big and there are so many things he can do with his life!  I could totally see him working for a great agency (like Samatarian's Purse) responding to disasters all over the world!

I'm in my Practical Financial Management (Accounting) class for the next 20 hours.  Crazy!  My mind is blown!!!  I'm learning a lot. . . very overwhelmed by this new "language" I'm learning, though!

Our "graduation" is this Saturday.  We have a "graduation" here in Africa because many of the students won't be able to attend the one in Philly in May.  We'll be wearing caps and gowns and the whole nine yards.  I was nominated by my class to be the class speaker.  I'm not sure I could have wanted it less. . . but seeing as how I am getting my Master's in Leadership, I better grab this opportunity to make me a better person.  I'm nervous and I have NO IDEA what I'm going to say!

We got out of class two hours early for the funeral.  I headed home and Maggie and I have been unbraiding Gabby's hair.  Now it's just Maggie doing it--what a blessing!!!  She is such an amazing sister!

That's about all for today.

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