Monday, April 14, 2014

Wheat Free Test Results

This is what the counter top looked like. . . twelve items to taste test.
So, I conducted a wheat-free snack test today and it was a much bigger success than I ever imagined. I had visions of Dax hating everything and Tiki liking most, but deciding to not like it to be like Dax. Well, it was such a smashing hit that all five kids wanted to be involved.  I'm so excited--excited because it was fun and because they have some self-proclaimed "yummy" options!!!  This round was simply snack food and lunch box items--not cereal and pasta and bread yet.
I put each item in a baggie because I knew if they (mostly Dax) saw that package, his taste buds would be swayed!
Below are the twelve items we taste tested.  The number on the package was my "secret number for the clear baggies.  The initials on the bags/boxes are who thought that snack was a "yes."  I'll keep you all posted on how the bread, tortillas and pasta test goes when we do that one!

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