Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Longest Saturday

I was driving to town to get the kids donuts this morning (we have a house-full this weekend) and I started thinking about this Easter Weekend and how yesterday being Good Friday is a very big deal day and tomorrow being Easter Sunday is a very big deal day, but today is just in the middle.  Then I started thinking about the people who loved Jesus as son and brother and friend.  Today must have been a strange day with the rip-you-heart-out sadness of loosing a loved one mixed with the hope of what if what He said was true and he will rise.  So I was thinking about this Saturday.  Loss is painful.  And hope is exciting and even a little unnerving at times because it is unknown.

I was thinking about the "longest Saturday" in my life. . . a time filled with sadness and mourning and yet very hopeful.  I think we all have these longest Saturdays.  Whether it be the sadness of something heartbreaking happening in my marriage but being hopeful that the best is yet to come and through love and trust and perseverance "Sunday" will come in my marriage.  Or if it is the frustration and confusion of a difficult child and knowing that "Sunday" is coming or the moods of a teenager and wondering where in his life you fit now, but knowing with hope that "Sunday" is coming.  I think we all have long "Saturdays" in our life due to loss and heart break and betrayal and disappointment, but in many situations we are hopeful that "Sunday" is coming.  We are sad and lost and desperate, but we believe that it will pass as we persevere with love.  "Sunday" is coming.

I don't mean to take anything away from this Easter weekend.  I don't mean to say that my "Saturdays" are anything like that weekend nearly 2000 years ago.  And I don't want to take away from the magnitude of this weekend.  The fact that my Savior died for me, was cut off from His Father for me and then He rose again on Sunday.  Nothing can compare.  But it just made me think about today for His mom.  How sad and dark today must have been but with that glimmer of hope wondering and hoping beyond belief that He would rise tomorrow.

So, in my "Saturday," I choose to believe that "Sunday" is coming and that is HOPE!

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