Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Hall Family

So, one of Andy's best friends in college is staying in Southwest Colorado with his family for several weeks and they headed our way today (we are SO thankful that they will be "heading our way" several times over the next three weeks).  His family sold just about everything and bought an RV and they are touring America with their 4 kids.  Their travels and adventures are unbelievable!  You can see their journeys HERE.  So fun!!!

Anyway, they came over today and we headed to Molas for some sledding.  It was cold and snowy and weather you'd only go out in if you were from out of town!  We hit the mountain anyway!!!  It was a blast!  No one noticed the cold and we stayed up for hours!  Then we headed home for dinner and playing.  The kids got along so well and it was so refreshing to be with old friends!

There will be many more posts to follow about our adventures with the Hall family, I'm sure!!!
Mike and his wonderful wife, Heather!
The boys (Hays & Andy are still traveling the world).

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