Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Family Car

Today we bought our "family car."  (This is kind of just one of those posts "for the books"--a post that I really don't need to be posting for any other reason, than just for me as I look back on the years.)  It has been quite the surreal week of test driving and buying for my soon-to-be sixteen year old son.  I remember thinking about when this time would come and feeling like it was an eternity away and BOOM! today was buy the family car day.  How in the world?!?  So, we got a great deal on a great car that will hand down nicely from Hays to Maggie to Tiki to Dax to Gabby (in the ideal world--the world free of fender benders and other nonsense).  We feel very lucky to have found the car and the very Type A owner it had (with every oil change receipt in a nice file).  For now it will be sitting in the drive way.  In just a few months it will be the vehicle that brings major change to my life--when one of the five can drive (and help out?).  That is a future blog post.  But for now, we're a three car family and that third car carries so much underlying meaning and emotions.  Wow!  Life is changing as my kids are growing!
Hays test driving it yesterday!  Needless to say, he was/is on Cloud 9.  (It's going to be a long five months of looking at it in the driveway each day!)

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Jeremiah said...

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