Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Let It Go

The song is catchy, I belt it out whether it is actually playing or not.  I love the movie, I love the music, I love the characters!  "Let It Go" is a great song and Frozen is a great movie.  I'm a fan!

My favorite movie line (maybe of all time) is when Olaf tells Anna, "some people are worth melting for."  That melts my heart!

But I love the movie and the song "Let It Go" for what it means to me.  (I realize that many people have many theories of what the movie is standing for and what letting it go is representing, but this is just for me PERSONALLY).

The movie starts with Elsa and Anna loving her magic and playing and being sisters who adore one another.  Then Elsa's magic hurts Anna and from that point on, it is a secret and that secret then becomes a fear that Elsa is nearly paralyzed by until it isn't a secret anymore and then it is a big fun wide open freedom. . . . (and so the movie continues).

For me, this speaks to me about fear.

I can think of several fears that hold me back from happiness and one fear in particular that robs me almost daily of true happiness.  In the movie I watch Elsa's fears keep her from relationships.  I watch her fears isolate her and keep her from being who she can be.  Then when her "powers" are exposed and she isn't fearful anymore, she finds such freedom without her fear (until she becomes fearful again and then ultimately realizes that true love is more powerful than fear).

I let my fear of getting hurt (betrayal or self-image stuff or whatever) run my life so often and I see how it totally holds me captive and sometimes nearly paralyzes me.  It's awful and I feel isolated and it comes between my relationships.  It is interesting that in the end of the movie Elsa and Anna (and everyone) realize that true love overcomes the "bad" part of Elsa's powers.  Interesting because didn't Jesus say that true/perfect love casts out all fear?

The song "Let It Go" is such a fun and powerful reminder to me to really let my fears go.  Release them because being fearful has no good outcome and if I just let those fears go, I will find true freedom and beauty in relationships.

I don't know.  It sounded better in my head, but there are my thoughts on one of my most favorite belt-it-out songs!!!!

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