Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Israel & Palestine

Andy and Hays had the best time in Israel and Palestine last week.  As they've gotten over jet lag, more details have come out and both sets of eyes light up when they talk about it!  The trip was SO MUCH MORE than just a steps of Jesus time.  Andy really used the trip to show the Kivu kids and parents the steps of Jesus and then how to actually love the way Jesus told us to love as they crossed the border into Palestine and saw what the news never shows in terms of what is truly happening over there.  One of Hays's many highlights was spending time with his friends from Bethlehem.  They went caving together and had a surprise birthday party for one of the girls together and ate together.  How fun to get to visit your Palestinian friends as a fifteen year old?!?!?  Hays literally is on cloud nine and is hoping to do an exchange program next school year.  I'm all for it for him!!!

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