Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Birthday, Gabby!

How is it that my baby girl is SEVEN today?  It is such a weird feeling. . .she is my fifth to turn seven and seven isn't really that big of a deal, but for some reason, her turning seven today has me kind of off kilter.  I am overcome with love and joy and thankfulness for this adorable and loving and compassionate and funny little girl in my life. . . .  At the same time I'm floored that that same little girl is growing up so quickly.  I want to savor every  moment with her and I feel like those moments are slipping away too quickly.  Maybe it is because she is my baby.  Maybe it is because she is such a joy and a blessing.  (Maybe it is because I am nearly 40 and everything is seeming to blur by these days?)  Whatever it is, I cannot believe that my Gabby is seven today!

As I so often do, I want to give a shout out to her tummy mommy.  She is probably out there somewhere and I know that today (probably not really today, but whatever the actual BIRTH day is) she is thinking of her daughter.  I love Gabby's tummy mommy.  I truly do and I cannot wait to wrap my arms around her neck in heaven (maybe before?) and thank her for the gift of her daughter.  What a brave woman she must be.  I love telling Gabby about her tummy mommy.  I think about her all of the time.  (Sorry, to her bio father, because I don't think of him much--just that mommy bond.)  I wonder if Gabby got her sense of humor from her?  Did she get her huge heart from her?  Did she get her compassion from her? Did she get her sas from her?  I'm not sure what came from her other mom and what has grown on her from us, but today I am thankful for that lady in Rwanda who brought Gabby into the world.  Thank you for being brave enough to bring her into the world and then to leave her at the gate of the most wonderful orphanage in Kigali!

And then there is my Gabby.  You are my joy!  You have made our life more complete, more fun, more three demential!  I cannot imagine life without you.  I love the laughter you bring.  I love the spice you bring!  I love watching you with each of your siblings--you and Maggie are kind of the glue that holds this family because you both can get along with everyone so well.

So, Happy Birthday, my dear baby girl!  You are a blessing and I cannot describe the deep and unbreakable bond we share and the love I have for you.  It is irreplaceable and indescribable and I am so thankful that it is kind of my little secret that I get to cherish due to the fact that I cannot express it fully!  I love you, Gabby, and my life is better because you are in it!
This is one of the first pictures I received of Gabby.  Who could have ever imagined how she'd turn my heart inside out!
This is a pic of Gabby while we were in Africa before I brought her home.
This is one of my favorite early pics of Gab.  She was in our living room a couple of weeks after she came home.  By then she had all of us around that little finger!

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