Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dance, Staycation 2.0 & Catch Up

I keep getting behind in my blogging this year.  I have so much to say about so many things.  I love my family and my life and I am so busy loving them that I forget to update. . . but I for sure need to keep up because this week I deleted ALL of the pictures off of my computer and my blog is my only back up, so I realized this week how thankful I am for this space!!!

Spring Dance
Maggie's Middle School Spring Dance was last night and she looked so beautiful and so happy!  She and her best friend, Lexy (who just moved here this year and we are so thankful that she and her whole family are here) got ready together at our house.  I love Maggie.  She's so down to earth and so fun and sweet and compassionate.  She's great.  Lexy is wonderful, too--always one to tell me that she loves me and to give me a big hug.  They were so fun to watch and to help!  Seventh grade is almost over for her and I can't believe that my baby girl is getting so old.
I had to take this picture because Maggie thinks its funny that I have a "putting on make up" picture from all of her dances.  Also, I just loved the back of her top, so it killed two birds with one stone!

Staycation 2.0
I never finished catching up from the rest of our Staycation.  Well, it truly was a STAYcation.  The kids stayed in their jambes most of the time and relaxed.  Even though I was frustrated, they really needed the down time and I think each one of them preferred the stay cation to a vacation this time!!!
It was so nice to have Andy home with us!  I love him!!!  (The hat was Maggie's compassionate gift--Andy was cold after a 40 mile bike ride so Maggie gave him her hat.)
Staycation meant some long overdue Honey-Do projects!
At one point all of these kids spent the night.  It was SO FUN!!!  The older boy on the far right is a friend of ours from Cabo (he lives in Arkansas).  We met his family when the kids were toddlers and we have been with them in Cabo each year since.  He and his friend came to Purg to ski and they met up with Hays.
The boys hit the slopes for the last runs of the season with 7 inches of fresh pow.  Staycation--we live at a ski resort.  We are so blessed!!!
Girls had a bowling day.

Catching Up
Andy and Hays have been in Israel and Palestine this week and it has been really fun and quiet and relaxing with just the five of us.  We've decided to walk 50 miles as a family between now and camp, so we take walks after dinner around the neighborhood.  Its been fun.  One night we even grabbed the Greenbergs (neighbors) and had a two family walk.  I buzzed Dax's hair the other night.  He has issues with going to sleep at night and when Andy is gone it is "worse" because he wants to sleep with me.  So, that night I told him he could only sleep with me if he let me buzz his head (thinking he'd say no).  He said yes.  Needless to say, he's worn a hoodie every day since.  The littles love Baylor.  He's their play toy.  So yesterday they dressed him up in Dax's hoodie and made him leave it on.  Poor guy.  At least he is a sucker for physical touch and attention!
Standing in my tub while I buzzed off his hair!

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