Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More Than A Month Of Catch Up

Wow!  My blogging has been severely lacking in terms of pictures and what has been going on in our family is concerned.  (This blog began as a family memory book and a place for photo updates for my parents, my Gran'ma, Andy's parents, KayKay and my close friends.)  So, here I go with a month (plus) of pictures and fun stories so that I can be caught up before the chaos of Spring overtakes my blog!!!

Cabo: I can't believe I just found un-posted pics from Cabo.  This is from our last day when we really didn't want to leave.  What a great trip Cabo was this year.  (I think we'd all love to be back there right now!!!)
Super Bowl:  We had a little mommy and the kids (and Baylor) Super Bowl party!
Random Mountain Pics:  We spend so much time on the mountain!!!  Living here is really like living on vacation!  I'm even volunteering up at the mountain this year (cowboy hat pic) and it has been really fun!  We haven't had great snow this season, but the days have been beautiful!!!
Fondue & Friends:  We have brought back Fondu Friday some this year and we love it!  I think it is most fun when friends come over.  Hays has actually texted me from school on a Friday to tell me that friends are coming over and to ask if we can do Fondue Friday.  That makes me so happy!  We've also busted out the chocolate fountain for some late night chocolate fun with friends!
Daddy Meeting The Boyfriend:  This year (Valentine's Day actually) marked the first "boyfriend meet the father" moment.  We met the boy who had asked Maggie out for lunch so that he could get to know us a little bit.  It was fun!!!  I liked him a lot and I was very impressed with the way he handled the most awkward moment of his life!  However, he dumped Maggie a few weeks later, so I'm not quite as fond of him at this time!
Fun Dates With My Hubby:  Andy and I have tried to be intentional with our time together.  It has been great to spend time with just the two of us whenever we can!!!
Old Friends In Town:  Living in a resort town is fun when people come to visit.  This group came skiing and we saw on Facebook that they were in town, so we invited them over for dinner.  It was one of the best nights we've had since we lived here!  One of the husbands was Andy's college roommate and the other one I have known since my days as a kamper at Kanakuk!  Small world!
I'm not sure how Maggie & Dax missed this picture.
Random Kid Pics:  These are just a few random pics of the kids.
Gabby & Londyn:  Gabby's best friend at school is Londyn.  Her mom sent me this pictures from a playdate and they are too cute not to share!
OMG!  There is a company in town called OMG!  Organize My Garage. They are great!  It was a much needed project and I'm so glad I had them come!  It was s fun surprise for me to "give" to Andy!

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