Thursday, March 20, 2014


This past weekend Andy and I headed to Arizona for a wedding with Tiki and Gabby.  Meanwhile, my dad came up to snowboard with Hays, Maggie and Dax.  We all had a fantastic weekend!!!  I think my favorite part of the weekend was cousin time!!!  We arrived the first night and met many of my Arizona family for Mexican food!  (Why didn't anyone take any pictures?!?)  My cousin, Chelsea, and I got to spend some great time together and I am so thankful for that!  Tiki and Gabby got to spend the entire weekend with Chelsea's kids and the goodbyes after three days were teary!!!  Andy and I headed to a wedding of a dear friend and had so much fun!!!!  Then the last day, I turned our trip into a mini 12 hour vacation before we headed back home!
I loved this moment when one of our old campers (the daughter of the bride) saw Andy for the first time in a few years and ran into his arms (literally) crying.  Andy is such a great mentor for kids and she was just so happy to see him!

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