Sunday, January 26, 2014

X Games

I just took the boys on a fun weekend away--it has been overdue since I took the girls to Vegas last year.  We headed to Aspen for the Winter X Games and it was so much fun!  Baylor came, too--he is a boy after all.  The drive was easy (even though we had to go the long way due to a rock slide that closed the main way), the weather was ideal and it was so much fun to be at the X Games.  They had booths and swag and games and give aways.  The whole environment was a blast!!!  This will for sure be something we put on our calendar for 2015!!!
This is Nick Baumgartner, one of the boarders in the games!
This is the Jeep we were hoping to win!
Tiki had a MAJOR crush on the Monster Energy Drink girls!
The boys were on TV, too!!!  It was so fun for Hays because one of his friends texted him and said that he saw them on TV.  So fun!  Dax is hoping that one day he'll be on the X Games ESPN broadcast as a competitor not a spectator!!!

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