Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Knew This Day Would Come. . .

I knew the day would come when a homework assignment would come home that Tiki couldn't do.  Monday was the day.  Tiki's assignment was to write the story of the day he was born.  What to do?  Do we write a great fiction novel filled with dark skin and people we make up?  Or do we adjust the assignment and make the story of his birth day the story of the day he jumped into my arms?  Well, with Tiki's typical innocent excitement, we decided to write about Gotcha Day!  (The entire third grade writes an autobiography as their second semester project--it is really fun--and we will be working on this project for the next several months.)

I emailed his teacher to make sure this was the proper route to take and after a big and excited YES, we are off on our journey from Gotcha Day to today from the mind of a third grader.

I am having so much fun with this!  Thankfully I have the blog to go back to for stories and details and Tiki is loving reading the stories of him.  This is a great project for the two of us to do together and I think he is having as much fun as I am!

Step one (due tomorrow) is just about day one. . . .

I know a time will come when assignments like this may bring out other emotions such as grief or anger or confusion or who knows what else, but today, we are happily remembering the first day that tiny little boy hugged my neck.

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