Wednesday, January 8, 2014


So, people always ask me if I homeschool my kids (is it because people with more children than parents  homeschool or because I like to travel or because. . . ?).  No, I don't.  I have zero desire to homeschool my kids.  I would be a terrible teacher for them.  Absolutely awful.  I cannot imagine a worse teacher.  I would kill them or kill  myself.  I cannot even fathom it--I get anxious hives just thinking about it.

However, whenever I think about the reasons behind homeschooling and how much better it would be for three of my children, there is a secret (and until now unexpressed) desire to do just that.  But I don't want to just homeschool.  I've seen homeschooling done several different ways.  I've seen online schooling and co-op schooling and mom-as-teacher homeschooling.  None of those styles appeal to me at all.  But in the back of my mind, I long (from the bottom of my heart believe it or not) to homeschool my boys.  I just don't know how--in a way that would work for us.

I just watched this amazing talk on Tedx and THIS is how I want to HACKschool my kids.  This is the only way I would do it.  This is the way my boys need to learn.  This is inspirational.

I'm inspired and I'm stuck.  How do I do that?  Where do I begin?  How do I find those opportunities (you have to watch the video to have any idea what I'm writing about)?  How do I make sure they learn what they need to learn for post high school?  I want to do THIS and I want to start TOMORROW!

I want my kids to be happy and healthy.  I don't care what they will be when they grow up, but I do desire for them to be happy and healthy.  I love this!  I love the 8 ways to be able to do that:
     Diet & Nutrition
     Time in Nature
     Contribution & Service
     Relaxation & Stress Management
     Religious & Spiritual

Maggie loves school.  She loves the social part and she loves the classroom.  Gabby, too, loves school and all it entails for her.  My boys, though, do not.  Hays wants to learn at home.  He wants to learn Arabic and they won't teach him at school.  He wants to be an Arabic speaking fighter pilot who snowboards for fun.  Tiki needs to not be in the classroom.  He needs to learn with his hands and his soul. He needs to be free to him.  Dax hates school.  He doesn't enjoy the bullying, he is bored all the time.  He wants to snowboard.  They want to be happy and healthy and school is not giving any of them either.

So, now what?  What do I do with these desires and this knowledge?  How do I get unstuck?  Do I get unstuck?  I don't even know where to go from here. . . . .


Sarah W. said...

I absolutely LOVED that video. Thanks for sharing it. I actually was just telling a friend today how the school system seems designed for girls. They thrive in it so much more. And you confirmed that thought.

So my thought to you.....why not pull your boys out for one semester? (This one). See how it goes. If it's awful, you didn't waste much. If it works, awesome!

I homeschool my kids (only 2 are in school). 3/4 of my kids are boys. I promise I am not a natural homeschooler. That may be part of the fear....seeing "perfect" moms do it and think it looks one way.

THIS video is the reason I do it. My kids really aren't old enough to pursue tons of passions, but I do love the freedom and creativity it provides. My 7 year old son formally schools for about an hour a day....then plays Legos, plays outside, etc for the rest of the day.

I say GO FOR IT! This video is so inspiring and gives me a goal of what was in my heart to work toward but I hadn't put words to. Very cool.

Of course, no pressure at all. But I really think you may find you love it when you do it your way and not a perceived way.

Jenny said...

Hi Jaime Jo! Found your blog and have enjoyed it immensely.
Inspired by this video! Thanks for sharing...this amazingly mature kid sums it all up so well. I have always felt terrified of homeschooling my I couldn't possibly do it "right". The type of learning this child is receiving is amazing and it leaves no doubt he will be "successful" at whatever he pursues! Looks like your crew is happy and healthy, too! Love seeing all of you guys!

Jeremiah Foreman said...

AHHHHH!!! Me too! ARe you in Colorado? Maybe we can form a co-op of some sort? I have no idea where to begin!