Friday, January 10, 2014

Bragging On My Man

 I just wanted to take a moment to brag on my man.  We have had some ups and some really yucky downs over the past five years and some of the low patches have been really tough to climb out of and it has been awful at times.  My glass slipper fit, so where is my happily ever after is often what I felt like.  Seasons.  I know that there are seasons and I know I haven't seen them all, but I am sure thankful to be on the other side of this one.  All of that to say. . .

I love my husband!  He is amazing!  I want to say, "he has turned into the dream," but I feel like that would make it sound like he has been the only problem and we all know that relationships are more than one person. . .I'm sure (okay, I know) I've been a monster over these past several years, too.  But that thought of "he has turned into the dream" is what I'm feeling without the blame aspect.  He's amazing!  I'm in love and I'm blown away by how much he loves me.  I feel adored and cherished and valued and needed and. . .everything!

I love being around him.  We had the best time together in Cabo.  We enjoy one another.  We laugh a lot.  We talk.  We sit.  Is everything tulips?  No!  But most of the time it kind of feels like it!  I'm on cloud nine and I love him. . .no, I like him--I think that's the bigger deal.

He left Cabo early and I came back from the pool to a goodbye note on my nightstand that said, "Thanks so much for an AWESOME vacation.  Love you!"  I was heading to the room to write the same thing to him in an email and I was blown away by the love letter by the bed (love letters are my love language--one of them--and the Internet rains on my hand written love letter parade often).

This morning (he's in Texas) I got a text that said, "I'm missing just hanging out with you.  I think you're incredible."  BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!!  That is how I'm feeling.  I love and hate missing him!  I love that I miss him and I hate that I have to miss him.

So, my hubby is being wonderful.  He's being romantic (for him).  He's being thoughtful.  He's being a listener.  He's being a servant.  He's being selfless.  I really love him more today than I ever have.  I can say that I feel so blessed to be married to him and I can mean that with my whole heart!  I am blessed!

I think this picture below is such a great picture of who we are right now.  Just happy and comfortable. I love him!


Bronwyn Rapp said...

I really like this post Jamie Jo! So happy for you and Andy.

Cindy Obenhaus said...

What a beautiful tribute to your hubby, JJ! I totally agree that it is just as important to like your husband as it is to love them. Steve is my best friend and that has what has gotten us through the low, sometimes, awful patches of our marriage. Love you both and sure miss seeing you all! Feel blessed to have worked with you and known you and and love watching your family grow. love, cindyo