Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Best No School Day Ever

Monday was the best no school day ever!!!  Wow!  I headed to the mountain with the fab five (Andy is in the Middle East) and it was a perfect short sleeve blue sky day!!!  The snow was great and we had a blast together!  Everyone was happy.  The good boarders were happy waiting for the not so great boarders and everyone got along.  It was fun to see the kids pair up in different pairs at times and do a run or two together.  The big kids took care of the little kids.  It was perfect!!!!

I absolutely loved love loved being with the kids.  It was relaxing and we laughed a ton.  I loved just hanging out at the mountain.  With the big jump set up, we spent a lot of time just sitting on the side waiting for Hays and Dax to jump.  It was nice.  I'm not sure if I can pin point exactly why the day was so perfect, but it just was.

We all agreed that it would have been an A+ had Andy been there, though!!!

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