Thursday, January 9, 2014

Begging For Help

I am begging for your help!  For me?  No.  For Tiki!!!  I can't wait to share this story with you all.  As you may know, we are getting to go to Rwanda this summer for a few weeks and we could not be more excited!  I've had several great talks with Tiki and he is looking forward to going back to see his orphanage (this may change as we get closer, but for now, that is his thinking).  The first thing he said when he found out that we were going was, "For my birthday can I ask everyone to bring shoes instead of presents for me?"  Wow.  I was floored.  Something in his head remembers not having shoes (see above picture of him--fifth from left--in the orphanage) and he immediately wanted to bring shoes to the children who are in Home of Hope.  So thoughtful.  So unselfish.  So compassionate.  Such a protector.  So Tiki.

So, Tiki's birthday is 02.03.04. . . coming up!  And I am begging you, please send shoes to him!!!  I think that flip flops would be best, no tennis shoes or whatever, just flip flops.  And they need to be smaller sizes. . .the kids in the orphanage are ages 0-6 and they are tiny.  I would love to give Tiki hundreds of pair of flip flops for his birthday from hundreds of people.  And you can help me do that!  Send them to camp:  9658 CR 501, Bayfield, CO 81122 by the first of February and I will post pics of his face on his birthday!

Please help me make Tiki's unselfish birthday wish come true!  Spread the word, pass it along, post it, blog it, tweet it, whatever!  Let's blow Tiki away with the number of shoes he will be able to bring to the children still in his orphanage!

Thank you!


Shelly said...

Crazy.... both my kiddos are in the top pic with Tiki! (savanna in the red dress and samuel is 10th from the left! Anyway, we'll try to get some shoes in the mail ASAP (if we can find flip flops in the mts in Jan!;). Love it!

Mrs. Swindell said...

I'm afraid all that we may have will be flipmflops that have been worn. Is that ok?

Mrs. Swindell said...

flip flops*