Friday, November 1, 2013

Bragging On My Hubby

Andy's receiving love language and I try really hard to be a great encourager, but I fail often.  I just want to take this time to brag on him right now.  He has been blowing me away!

Recently we have had SO MUCH going on!  We've restructured the full time staff at Kivu and he and I have taken on many more jobs and we are swamped.  I've taken on a new venture (on top of camp and school) in this health and wellness program that I am so excited about.  The kids are still here and still keeping us busy.  I've been out of town twice in a month because of my Gran'ma and because of my surprise trip to Ohio.  All of that to say, we're busy and I've gotten exponentially more busy than I was before.  How am I doing it?  ANDY!!!!

It has been so honoring and so humbling to see the way he has stepped in to help me and to encourage me and to support me.  He makes our bed every morning.  He has been doing the dishes, he has been helping around the house, he has been griping about the pets less, he has been putting the kids to bed, he has been giving me shout out after shout out about how proud he is of me. . . .  While I was out of town he was so active with the kids (car shows, swimming and pumpkin carving)!  Wow!  The list could go on and on.  It seems like every time I turn around he is surprising me with his acts of service, his words of encouragement and his support!

I feel like we are a team and I am feeling that more than I ever have before.  He loves me and I feel that.  He's in this with me and I'm in this with him and we are a team!

He has had so much on his plate. . .so much going on and so much stress and he has been wonderful to be around.  He hasn't let the stress get him down or make him crazy.  He has stayed level and has keep me in his loop.  I love the perspective he has given to everything and I love the way he has kept the stress in its place and still been whole in the family and pouring into me.  It is amazing!

Thanks, Andy, for giving your all to help me as I have more and more on my plate!!!  I love you so much and your support means more to me than you'll ever know!

(As icing on the cake he was on my health and wellness call last night AND he dressed up like Robin Hood for Halloween for me!  Who's hubby does that?!?!?  Mine!)

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